Did you know 65% of the population has some form of curl in their hair? That’s right 65%. Crazy right?

We are happy to say that Avenue Hair Design is home to two Certified Curl Specialists!
Our stylists understand that having natural texture in your hair can be difficult, especially in our humid tropical climate.

That is why we embrace the Curly Girl Method!


Our specialists can attest to the fact that great curls start with a customized shape. We cut dry, curl by curl to ensure that your hair lays perfectly. Every curl on your head is different so why would you cut them all the same?

Once you have your customized shape our stylists will walk you through the curly method, as knowledge is power when it comes to curls. We then create a routine just for you.

Curls have a language of their own.

– Ouidad

Our stylists are certified in the Deva Curl cutting methodology and use Ouidad products to showcase perfect curls.

Ouidad is one of the leading curly products on the market and we cannot wait to care for your curls!

Curly hair isnt a trend its a lifestyle

Natural curly hair is truly a wonderful thing! It can be tame but wild, beautiful but crazy, full and flat. Curly hair is as unique as you are. Not one curl on your head is the same as the other. So why not embrace that?

Our Salon Company is proud to be the home of many Curl Specialists. Our curl specialists are certified in many curl techniques such as DevaCurl, Ouidad and Mizani. They can teach you all aspects of the Curly Girl Method, like how to properly define and care for your curls and eliminate frizz.

We are excited to help you along your curl journey!

Traditional Deva Curl Cut

This technique is the original “Curly” cutting method. This style of cutting was designed for the curly guest that 100% embraces their curls all the time. It was designed for the guest that has left the smoothing iron in the past and wears their hair curly the majority of the time.

You must arrive with your hair completely dry, it needs to be left down (no ponytails or clips), no product, and tangle free. If this is not the case at your appointment your stylist may refuse the service as it will compromise the integrity of the cut.

This cut is done on dry hair and each curl is cut where it lives. This will help to ensure your cut is unique to your hair. Since the curls are cut where they live this eliminates the uneven sections that occur during a wet cut. Traditional Deva Cuts will help to create the best shape for your unique texture. However, since this cut is done curl by curl should you blow this cut out there may be uneven lengths.

Mizani AirCut

If you are someone who likes to “Style Shift” then this could be the best curly cut for you!

This technique was developed for curly guests that enjoy wearing their hair curly but also enjoy styling it out in different ways. AirCuts are also one of the only curl cutting methods that can be completely recreated. AirCuts utilize 5 specific glides. Each offering something different to address all the needs of different texture types and densities. Your stylist will create an AirCut formula or a “map” in other words. This formula allows your stylist to truly recreate any past cut. This formula can be taken to any Mizani Airut specialist and they will be able to continue the cut you have grown to love. This is perfect for curly guests that spend time in other parts of the country at different times of the year.

This cutting method is great for all texture types as it creates air pockets in the hair which will naturally expand your shape and create volume!

Guests must come to this appointment with their hair in its complete natural state. Completely dry, down, detangled and no product. If this is not the case the stylist may refuse the service or charge for prep work should scheduling allow for it. Due to the nature of this service you must allow for it to take longer than usual cuts. A full transformation may take 2.5 hours.

If you enjoy your curls but also enjoy other styles then this is the cut for you!

*Complimentary Consultations are available with the curl specialist to discuss which option may work best for you*