Did you know 65% of the population has some form of curl in their hair? That’s right 65%. Crazy right?

We are happy to say that Avenue Hair Design is home to two Certified Curl Specialists!
Our stylists understand that having natural texture in your hair can be difficult, especially in our humid tropical climate.

That is why we embrace the Curly Girl Method!


Our specialists can attest to the fact that great curls start with a customized shape. We cut dry, curl by curl to ensure that your hair lays perfectly. Every curl on your head is different so why would you cut them all the same?

Once you have your customized shape our stylists will walk you through the curly method, as knowledge is power when it comes to curls. We then create a routine just for you.

Curls have a language of their own.

– Ouidad

Our stylists are certified in the Deva Curl cutting methodology and use Ouidad products to showcase perfect curls.

Ouidad is one of the leading curly products on the market and we cannot wait to care for your curls!