Maintenance of your hair color, why is this important?  Hair goals can sometimes be unreasonable if you aren’t willing to commit to the maintenance.   Therefore, understanding the maintenance on your hair color is very important and should be explained by your colorist.   In fact the upkeep should determine your end result.

For instance, as a colorist I love when a guest brings me in a picture of a all-over platinum blonde.  In my mind I think every 3 to 4 weeks of seeing the guest in my chair.  However, if I don’t explain to my guest the importance of up keep for this color procedure then I haven’t done my job.  To keep this magnificent color it requires proper up keep including home care.  During the consultation if the guest cannot commi to the colorists recommendations then other recommendations should be discussed.  Another great example of a high maintenance color is the vivid color fashion.  This vibrant colors are great for the “WOW” experience, however when you hear the up-keep you may really say “WOW.”

A low maintenance alternative to the above is “Balayage.”  This natural organic method of hand painting the hair is seamless if done correctly.  The technique is great for the guest unable to commit to regular  salon visits.  For instance, the college student only home on holiday breaks, busy mom, or simply on a budget.  Personally, it is a beautiful design for anyone!

All in all, a great color experience starts with a great consultation. Hair color is an investment and also plays a huge role in your wardrobe.  I love the saying, “Cheap work isn’t good and good work isn’t cheap.” So, discuss other options if your budget doesn’t allow for the maintenance.

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