Level 2 Stylist
Creative Color

Steven’s Regular Hours

Monday – not available
Tuesday – 9am-3pm
Wednesday – not available
Thursday – 3pm-9pm
Friday – 10am-5pm
Saturday – alternate 9am -5pm
Sunday – not available

Hello I am Steven! I am a hairstylist here at Avenue. I have been a professional stylist since 2018 and have been working with hair since 2009. I have had many jobs over the years but hair is my favorite thing to work with. I believe if you look good you will feel good. I got into hairdressing to make people smile at mirrors and be a positive impact in people’s lives. I work with all ages and types of hair from thick to thin and vintage to youths. I love to have fun with my clients while creating beautiful looks that compliment you!

When I am not at work I am usually with family or riding my bike exploring the beautiful outdoors and taking in all nature has to offer.

I look forward to your visit and hope to make you smile for many years to come.

You can find my work on instagram @Stevehairyman