When it comes to our hair, whether we realize it or not, the shape of our face may dictate what works best. The secret of hairstyles is actually all about simple geometry. When we know what shape our face is, we can then use this knowledge to choose a style. So, what is the best haircut for your face shape?

1. Oval Shape

The shape of your face is curved with your forehead and jaw being the same width. This shape is complimented easily by any style. Decide which part of your face you wish to accentuate the most and choose a style off of that.

2. Round Shape
If you have a more circular shaped face the length is approximately equal to the width. Bangs may not the best choice, however a middle part is very flattering look. A short haircut is also a great choice.

3. Heart Shape
Your face shape is wider at your forehead and cheekbones and narrower at your jawline. Cutting your hair chin-length with a textured style will highlight your feminine features. Side-swept bangs are also a great look for your face shape.

4. Square Shape
A strong forehead as well as an angular jaw is what classifies your particular shape as square. Cutting your hair into a wispy style with hair falling softly on your face will soften your jawline. A nice length for you is short or medium.

Looking and feeling your best has never been so simple!