Eyelash Extensions are sweeping the streets. I would like to walk you through different techniques that can enhance your lashes.  First and most importantly, please only go to a Certified Lash Technician.  This is very important because of the safety of your eyes.








So, let’s review the differences:

  • Eyelash Lift or Eyelash Perm- This technique will enhance your natural lashes.  It actually makes them appear longer with a slight curl. It is a fairly quick service about 20 mins.  So, if time is an issue this would be a great technique for you! However, it will not make your lashes much fuller.  The price is not expensive so that is good news.  The upkeep is about every 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Eyelash Extensions- This technique can enhance the volume, thickness, and length of your own lashes.  In fact they can also enhance the color.  The technician will look and evaluate your best options based on your own lashes.  It takes more time than the lash lift.  So, there is a commitment of time and visits.  However, the results are awesome.  You can choose a dramatic or a natural look.  Your lash technician can give the allusion of opening your eye more, along with many other tips.  Pricing for a full set normally ranges a couple hundred dollars.  You will need fills just like with your nails, every 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Eyelash Serums- There are various products on the market to extend the length of your lashes.  It does not increase volume.  You will apply it daily.  The cost is normally $60-80 a bottle for a months supply.  Quick and convenient but the results are not as dramatic.  This is a great product to use even if you chose to do one of the other procedures mentioned.

All of our Lash Technicians and Microblading Technicians are certified through J’Adore Academy.  Our guests safety is always first in the salon. The technicians have a portfolio of before and after shots to show you.  We go the extra distance to also make sure sanitation measures are strictly followed.  Avenue Hair Design has two lash technicians ready to meet you and begin your lash journey! Call and reserve your lash consultation (941) 485-1887 or check out our website Avenue Hair Website