Grab yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte and take a look at the yummy Hair Color Trends for 2017.

So, looking at these amazing colors how can you implement them into your home, wardrobe, hair or makeup? Which Hair Color Trend Colors for 2017 will work with your look?

Therefore,  looking at the fashion week photos from NY 2017, the models on the runway featured big bold lips. The red color above would look stunning on lips for 2017. Therefore it is no surprise our newest MIRABELLA Makeup Collection at the salon (Avenue Hair Design) features a new red lipstick. Ladies what about a bold red skirt or blouse? I feel there will be an explosion of deep Crimsons appearing in 2017.

The blush pink color could work well with your wardrobe, maybe even as accent pieces like a scarf etc. As a hair stylist I can visualize this beautiful pink being a very suttle hue in my guests hair or a touch in their makeup.

Navy is always a classic color when it comes to fashion, maybe like the “BOB” Haircut is to the Hair Industry. I think of it as the other black. Over the summer of 2016 navy arrived with the Nautical theme in fashion, haircare merchandise ect. So maybe that was the sneak peek and more will follow in fashion?

All in all,  Avenue Hair Design is a  TOP 200 Salon located in Venice Florida.  The salon focuses on hair coloring and keeping on top of hair color trends.  This has become our biggest revenue.  In the salon for the last 18 months the younger girls request gray to be added in their hair. We add pieces all over or even through Balayage Techniques. Yes, I know that most of us are trying to remove this from the hair and the younger girls are adding to their hair.  Now we will see splashes of gray in our wardrobe, accessories or even in our home for 2017.

So, where will you be adding these colors into your lifestyle?  We would love to hear from you on social media.  Visit our FB PageAvenue Hair Facebook Page  or call our salon to request an appointment (941) 485-1887.  We would love to meet you!