Are you struggling with the “Winter Blah’s?”

Winter is in full force this year.  The lack of humidity in the air causes dryness to our hair and skin. Also, the lack of sunshine can cause (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder.  So, it is a very hard time both mentally and physically.  I would like to share some easy ideas to help you get through this tough time.

  • Boil Water- You are probably giggling right now wondering how boiling water can help?  There is such a lack of humidity in the air in the winter months.  So, boiling a pot of water every couple of days will add some humidity back in your house.  Therefore, it will help with skin dryness and also your scalp.
  • Moisture Based Conditioners- Hydration is lacking in the winter.  So, introduce a moisture based conditioner to your regime this winter.  I really Love the Hydrate Line by Pureology.
  • A Pop of Color- Put some spunk in your hair with a pop of color.  Consult with your professional stylist for recommendations for your hair type and style.  Color can enhance your look and help with the winter blah’s.  I use Redken Professional Hair Color in  our salon.  Did you know Our salon has Redken Certified Colorists ready to help achieve your fun winter look.
  • Skin Moisturized- Your skin is crying for help during these months.  So, applying lotion to hands and body will help add the moisture you need. I personally love  AVEDA’S Hand Relief and Stress-Fix Body Lotion. The hand relief protects my hands all day even being in water all day.

All in all, following these easy tips this season will help you look and feel better.  If you are looking for an Award Winning Salon in Venice, Fl I invite you to call our salon (941) 412-4165 or check out our website . The salon team looks forward to meeting you!