Cleaning up after the storm and finding relief.

 So, have you been effected by a Hurricane? Are you running without knowing how to pick up the pieces afterwards?

Recently, Hurricane Irma recently ripped through Southwest Florida impacting many Floridians. The damage can be felt financially, structurally, and emotionally. It is time communities join together.   Helping  neighbors with lodging, generators, food, lawn cleanup etc. However, what about the financial obligations?  This can become very overwhelming behind close doors.  Therefore, I have found the below references.  I hope you will find this helpful if you are experiencing the impact financially.

First, reach out to FEMA Relief– Click the link This link will lead you to a series of questions to see if you qualify for disaster assistance.

Secondly, American Red Cross- All over the country donations are being made to help cover disasters like Hurricane Irma. The American Red Cross wants to help too.

Thirdly, Mortgage Assistance– Do you have a Fanny Mae or Sally Mae Mortgage?  You may qualify for a payment forbiddance for up to 90 days. This will be free of penalties and late fees.  The companies will not report to the credit agencies . Therefore, call your mortgage company to see if you qualify.

Also, Local Churches and Food Banks– There are many local churches that are becoming shelters to evacuees that cannot return home yet. Also, local food banks are helping with supplying families with food during these times.

Lastly, Local Businesses- Look out to local businesses for cell phone charging stations, free water, food etc.  Also,  many businesses are pitching together to help.  Our hair salon Avenue Hair Design Co. Click to see website  have reached out to our community.  We are offering FREE Shampoo’s.  So, now you can freshen up and cool off in the AC.  We provided lunch and power stations for cell phones. Local businesses want to help.

All in all, your community wants to help you in this tragic time. Reach out to the above agencies and find out what they can offer your family. Now is the time we come to together and become #hurrricanestrong !