You may have heard the old rule that you should only get your hair cut once every six weeks. You may also know that many women with fantastic hair that only get haircuts a few times per year. So the big question is this: is there a one-size-fits-all rule?

Knowing how often to get haircuts has a lot to do with your hair type. Consider the following advice for different hair types:

Long and Straight
If your hair is long, straight and has a uniform length, you can wait as long as 12 weeks before getting it cut. Because there is no specific shape to the style, there is no need for a lot of maintenance. You should not have to worry about breaking or splitting as long as you care for it properly by moisturizing it. You should also take steps to prevent heat damage.

If you have curly hair, you will have to pay more attention to hydration. If you hydrate your hair often, you should be able to wait as long as three months between haircuts.

Long Layers
If you have long layers, stylists recommend that you abide by the six-week rule. This is a long enough period that you can increase your hair length. It is also short enough that it will not affect the pieces that frame your face.

Multiple Layers
If you have several different layers, you should definitely abide by the 6-week rule. A longer wait can leave your style looking ragged.

Short Hair
If you have short hair, you need to cut your hair every four weeks as your style may become grown out if you wait  longer.

Damaged Hair
If you are prone to split ends or if you have had multiple chemical treatments done, you may want to opt for haircuts every eight weeks. Chemical treatments can cause breakage, splitting, or can result in very dry hair.

There is no one haircut schedule that is right for everyone; however, it is possible for you to find a sweet spot. You just need to know your hair type and what your goals are. Once you get to the three-week mark, start evaluating your hair for damage and how well the style is holding up.

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