How to Naturally Blend in Gray Hair for Men

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man with gray hair

While wisdom and experience are positive benefits that come with age, gray hair might not be something you consider so positive. Fortunately, there are ways to blend gray hair naturally and restore your more youthful appearance.

Challenges of gray hair

Coloring gray hair presents challenges because its texture is more course than natural hair. Gray hair follicles also create less oil, which makes gray hair dry. Both of these characteristics make it difficult for hair color to penetrate the gray hair. Leaving hair color on longer may allow it to penetrate, but it can cause damage. Before coloring your hair, you need to decide if you want to color all of your hair or just help the gray blend in to your natural hair color.

Options for coloring gray hair

If you want to color your entire head of hair, you need to use permanent hair color. However, if you just want to blend the gray in with your natural color, demi-permanent color may be better. Regardless of the method you choose, to get the best results, you need expert assistance.

Benefits of salon hair coloring

Although a visit to the hair salon may cost more than a box of permanent or demi-permanent color, the results are worth the investment. Salon experts know how to treat gray hair so that it has color nuances and suffers minimal damage. Professional color products at salons feature complete customization and advanced technology to produce color variations. Salon color experts also know how to prevent hair from looking too dark, which is a common issue when using box hair color at home.

Types of salon color treatments

Coloring your entire head of hair with permanent color on your own can make the color appear too uniform and flat. During a salon treatment, the colorist can add highlights, lowlights, warm tones, cool tones and hues that give a natural-looking result. If you want that dignified, salt and pepper look, darker lowlights can help. With darker lowlights, the regrowth blends in more naturally with the rest of your hair and requires less frequent touchups. One technique to achieve natural highlights and lowlights is balayage. For balayage, the colorist paints on highlights and lowlights for a freeform, natural appearance that extends the time between colorings.

Don’t accept gray hair as part of aging. Regain the youthful appearance of your hair with expert gray hair solutions from Avenue.