We often wonder how the Hollywood Stars get Hollywood Hair in just one day?  Hair Extensions can offer you various benefits.   We tend to think of hair extensions when adding length to our hair.  Hollywood Hair ombreHowever, did you know hair extensions can add, volume, dimension, or help you grow out a haircut during a odd stage.  Then BAM you have Hollywood Hair!

There are many types of professional hair extensions offered in a salon setting.  Whichever you choose just make sure it is the proper choice for your situation.  Here are a few of the most popular ones:

Tape in- This technique is starting to gain momentum.  It is a less permanent application , however does offer more longevity than clip ins.

Clip In- This type of hair extension is good only for a temporary use.  Clip them in and then take them out.  So often they are used to frequently and this can cause stress to the hair and may result in breakage.

Keratin Bond- This is by far the most popular and my favorite.  This is a great long term solution and minus the damage.  It is a great way to add volume, color or length.  My favorite brand is Great Lengths.  The keratin tip is heated and wrapped around the hair creating a rice looking bond.  The quality of the hair is superb.  There are two methods thermal and cold fusion.  The upkeep is about 6 months after installation but the results are amazing.  However, the hair is unusable after removed.  This is a great way to grow out the unwanted haircut.  This is the best results for Hollywood Hair.  In fact, Great Lengths is well known for the stars.

Link- This application is placed with a small link.  It holds a portion of your hair along with the extensions.  The link should be adjusted every 6 to 8 weeks depending on how much your hair grows. One of the benefits is you can reuse the hair for as long as 12 month period.  However, there is more maintenance involved in this process  versus keratin bond. 

All in all,  hair extensions can add the glam look to our style.  Avenue Hair Design  located in Venice, Florida is certified in Great Lengths and offer many other options.  Call today and schedule a consultation with one of our talented stylist and discuss your desires in Hollywood Hair.

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