A Florida lifestyle offers white sandy beaches, cool ocean breezes, and lots of year-round outdoor activities. It also offers hot, sunny days with high winds and humidity that can take a toll on your hair. When you live in Florida, it’s essential to protect your hair from the sun’s damaging rays. The suns rays can strip your color and deplete moisture. Here are some great tips to protect your hair from the sun.

Moisturize Your Hair and Scalp

Healthy hair requires a good moisture balance. During Spring and Summer when Florida sun is intense, you may need to make a few adjustments to your shampoo and conditioning routine.

  • Shampoo – During the summer, skip the daily shampoo routine. Shampooing too frequently can strip away your hair’s natural oils. Skip a day or two between shampoos, so your scalp’s natural oils have a chance to replenish. Tip: After swimming in a the ocean or a pool, wash your hair the same day with a clarifying shampoo.  This will help to remove salt or chlorine which can cause dryness and color fading.
  • Conditioner – Deep conditioning is essential for hair.  This should be done at least once a week during summer months when sun and heat are at their peak. Hair can become dull, dry and brittle when exposed to sun, heat and high humidity. If your shampoo has a built-in conditioner, make sure it’s one with a lighter, balancing conditioner during hot weather.

Dial Down the Heat

Although blow dryers, hot rollers, curling irons and flat irons can make your hair look amazing, they can strip your hair of essential moisture. Many quality dryers and irons feature temperature settings, so dial down the heat in summer sun. Consider ionic thermal tools or let your hair air-dry naturally.

Change Your Hairstyle

When the sun heats up, experiment with hairstyles that don’t require heat styling. If you have short hair, invest in a great mousse or gel for a sleek, sophisticated look, or cute headbands and barrettes for a casual look. If you have long hair, buns, French braids, chignons and pony tails are stylish and don’t require thermal tools for styling.

Wear Hats

Spring and Summer is a great time to add some stylish hats to your wardrobe. They’re not only the perfect summer fashion accessory, they will protect your hair and scalp from sun damage. Whatever your preferred look, you’ll find cute hats in every style and color.

All in all, your hair is just as important as your skin.  We must protect it from the sun.  Need recommendations on your hair protection?  CLICK HERE to learn more about or call (941) 485-1887.  The salon is located in Venice, Fl.