If you have curly hair then you know it’s impossible to brush curly hair!  The knots are a constant problem.  Would you consider a rake to get through your knots?

The follicle structure of curls is more prone to tangles too so we need to be extra careful with our fragile hair. A few tricks can help minimise the problem of knots.

hair with knotsTHE SOLUTION:

  • Clip your hair up at night. The friction from your pillowcase to your hair causes knots and tangles to appear while you sleep. According to “Hair Romance” You can wake up with great curly hair with this clip trick. It really works and gives you great volume the next day too. Another way to reduce pillow friction is to buy a silk pillow slip.
  • Detangle in the shower. After applying conditioner, use a wide tooth comb to gently work out any knots in your hair. Remember that hair is weaker when it’s wet so take care and don’t pull at your knots or you’ll just break your hair.
  • Use your fingers. If you need to work a knot out of dry hair, spray the knot with a leave-in conditioner spray and use your fingertips to smooth out any tangles. The conditioner softens your hair so it’s a pain-free way to detangle.
  • Moisturize Hair Regularly- Keeping the correct amount of moisture balance in your hair will help keep your curls happy. It is recommended 1 to 2 times weekly.
  • Avoid Using a Towel- Towels create friction and frizz.  This is cause knots eventually in your hair.  Instead use a 100% cotton t-shirt or a micro-fiber towel to remove excess water.   

All in all, curly hair can be healthy, bouncy and beautiful when the right steps are followed.  The curl specialists at Avenue Hair Design will help educate you on “CURLS.”  Want KNOT FREE hair? Click Here For Information About Our Curl Specialist.  Avenue Hair Design (941) 485-1887 located in Venice, Fl.