Eyebrows are hot and the latest rage!

What are your “Eyebrow goals.”

Which path do you take when speaking about “eyebrows.”

Today, many different photos of eyebrows are popping up all over the internet. However, do you prefer the standard eyebrow shape or will you venture into the latest fad?

So, which method and shape is right for you? Below are just a few of the various types of eyebrows we are seeing today:

Marker- Today there are various markers that will fill in and create different shapes of brows. Companies claim they last anywhere from one day to 4 days. Check out this video to see how these markers work.




Micro-Blading – This techniques lasts generally about one year. I recently had mine done and really like the end result. The first appointment the artist will create the brows of your dream. Also, a color will be blended to compliment your face. After your initial appointment you will revisit the artist 6 weeks later for a touch-up. The six week period is recommended for healing and to really see where filling in is needed. At this time you can go a bit darker or even touch up current shape. The technique is done with a numbing cream to help offset the pain. Honestly, I didn’t feel it was a uncomfortable experience at all. I love the end result.

Extensions– Yes it is true! Eyebrow extensions are showing up more and more. Long luscious eyelashes are walking the fashion runways. So, does this mean it is not about the fullness but the length?

Tattoo- Eyebrow tattooing has been around for years. It will last longer than micro-blading because the ink goes deeper in the skin. However, they do seem to fade if you are in the sun often, and are accustomed to face peels etc. There are new stick on eyebrows hitting the streets. They will last up to 4 days. Basically, buy the desired shape, and either wet and stick depending on the type.  They remind me of the tattoos we loved as kids. Here is a random website I found https://www.headcovers.com/peel-and-stick-eyebrow-stencils-round-shape/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=WP%20-%20Shopping&utm_term=1100102319078&utm_content=All%20Products

So, which will it be for you? Will you try something new or use a traditional eyebrow pencil to fill in or create the look you desire?

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