Curly Hair has so much fun, spunk and attitude!  Curly hair is playful and becomes an amazing statement to most owners.  However, the proper care, cut and education is needed to make our curls happy.  The end result will be a wonderful unique look.

curly hairWe are so busy in our lives, so I have simplified the best tips into 5 easy ways for curls to bounce:

  1. Change Shampoos-  It is necessary to wash your hair and scalp.  However, harsh detergents and chemicals will strip the moisture from your hair. Instead, opt for gentle, non-stripping cleansers.  I highly recommend Deva Curl Line.   Remember unless you’re doing laundry – detergent is not your friend.
  1. Avoid Silicones-   Most hair products contain silicone. Silicone prevents moisture from entering the cuticle.  It actually coats the hair and it becomes more of a water repellant.  Our hair wants moisture and H2O is our buddy. Therefore silicone based products will create dryness.
  1. Cool off your curls-   There is nothing nicer than a hot shower after a long day—unless we’re talking haircare. While it may be the most comfortable experience EVER, hot water forces hair cuticles to stay open which leads to frizz. To help seal curls, finish your shower by shifting to the cool setting. (And yes, this is miserable in the winter. But, at least it feels nice in the summer?)
  1. Forget the Terry Cloth Towel-  The fibers on terry cloth towels will roughen up your cuticle and ultimately create frizz.   Instead swap your faux-friend for a microfiber towel.  I highly recommend a Deva Towel. It may be an additional investment on your salon visit however, it will be a game changer.
  1. No touching!  Take your hands out of your curls.  When your hair is drying, do not touch it.  No Kidding!  No touchy touchy!  When it is completely dry that is a different story.  This will help reduce FRIZZ like nobody else’s business.

Attention Pro tip (courtesy of Cal Ellis, the DevaCurl Curl Coach): “If you’re drying with a diffuser, use a low air flow to minimize disturbance to your curls. Then when your hair is dry and you need to refresh scrunch from the ends of your hair.”

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Patti Paull founder of Avenue Hair Design Venice Fl.