Beachy Curls Quick and Easy

Fashion week is showing Beachy Curls hitting the runway! By the way they are not your momma’s curls. They are instead natural and organic. In fact, they are not structured or uniform. I have permed hair back in the 80’s and this is a completely different approach to obtaining curls. Want to obtain these curls? It depends on your commitment of time, products or technique to choose your best method.
Here are some ways you can obtain these curls:

Water set- This method will take a lot of time for the hair to dry.  It will leave roller indentations which are challenging to remove.  I would avoid this method especially if time is a factor.

Hot Roller Set– Hot rollers can help add curl but are not always the best for achieving a natural organic look.

Hot Iron or Wand Set– When you have completely dried the hair use a thermal protectant to set your curls with a hot iron or clip-less wand.

Perm – Did I just say this? Yes. in deed! However, it is all together different! The technique is completely different for one thing. Secondly, the rods are not the same traditional perm rods. Instead, a more advanced type to achieve this technique. Thirdly, the perm solution and additives we now use are completely different than traditional perming methods.

All in all, the time saver method  is the Perm. However I highly recommend finding the right stylist to deliver this technique. So, Interview you stylist and ask for before and after pictures for the style you are trying to achieve. It is imperative that the knowledge of your desired look is current and trendy. Furthermore, it is necessary that you share the background history of hair to the stylist. Inform him/her about color or chemicals that your hair was experienced in the history of its current length.

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