Conditioning treatments are very important to maintain the proper balance of hydration, protein and shine in the hair. Today consumers are experimenting and making home based conditioning treatments.  However, what are the advantages and disadvantages of creating a home based product?

Cost- Cheaper or more expensive? Purchasing additional ingredients that won’t be used again isn’t always cost effective.  However, using the products purchased for other home remedies is a plus. In addition, saving on the packaging is always a great thing!

Convenience- Time is money!  Do you have time to make a conditioning treatment?  Most of us live busy lives so one more thing on our plate is not always good.

Proper Balance- The needs of your hair vary from person to person.  Also, vary from time of year and certain factors.  Will you provide the right ingredients for your hair?  Too much of something can be damaging.  Like protein for instance can cause hair to be brittle.  Something to consider before making a conditioning treatment.

Sustainability-  Ingredients are not long lasting. Therefore, the product may not last long. You will need to refrigerate the conditioning treatment.  The ingredients need to be fresh at all times to be effective.

Today many manufactures are creating conditioning treatments with home based ingredients. The advantages are all the above.  A professional recommendation for your hair is important. It will ensure  the proper balance for your hair.  The products will also maintain longevity.  Also,  there will be no need to refrigerate. As always the fancier packaging the more cost involved.  Keep in mind packaging doesn’t make the product any better. Lastly, they are ready when you need to use them!

Personally, I love Pureology Super Food. There are two treatments to choose from Hydration and Strength.  Enriched with ingredients like coco butter and loads of other yummy ingredients.  

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