Balayage (French Word meaning ‘Sweeping) evolved back in the 80’s.
However, Balayage is a current trend in the US.
Balayage can offer a  very natural approach to adding dimension to your hair.

What does Balayage mean to you? 

Less Maintenance –  Ever leave the salon loving your highlights then 3 weeks later feel like you need it retouched?  Balayage is a hand painting organic approach leaving the look for fused at the roots.  (See above picture)

Natural appearance – The picture above & below show how natural the color can look by a melting effect.  However, research the colorist by looking at  their portfolio.

Less damage– When you paint the product on the hair you can cut down on the damage caused by traditional foiling.  I highly recommend the use of Olaplex in all my lighting techniques.

More dimension–  You can see the beautiful dimension that this technique can offer by the picture above as well.  The beauty of the technique is that it’s not just for blondes.  Any colors can be meshed together for different end results. (Above showing reds and golden family)

Above all, I highly recommend a salon company experienced in “Balayage or Ombre techniques.  Avenue Hair Design and Urban Designs by Avenue is a Top 200 Salon and consists of a highly educated team of stylists.  Check out our website to meet our team. or call the salon @ (941) 485-1887 or (941) 412-4165.