Bangs can make your hair whisper, talk or scream!  Meaning, the focal point of your bangs will become the statement of your style.  So, choose your bangs wisely.  bangs

Factors to consider when cutting your bangs:

  • Hairstyle-  Select a shape or type of bangs that is fitting for the hairstyle. For instance,  “Bobs” could wear all but the 70’s Bangs shown to the left.  So, choosing a shape that can accentuate the style is very important.
  • Shape of Face- Next, look at the shape and features of your face.  Try to accentuate the good areas and conceal the not so good areas.  For example, a long or oval face shape may not want Micro Bans or V- Bangs. This shape would lengthen the face.
  • Hair Texture and Density- We must always consider the hair texture when choosing a bang.  Curly hair will not cooperate like straighter textures of hair.  Furthermore, the density of the hair can determine the bang.  You must take thickness and recession into mind before cutting.
  • Growth Patterns- As we all know growth patterns around the hairline can sometimes be challenging. You must keep this in mind when choosing your style.
  • Maintenance and Up Keep- How often are you willing to visit the salon for a cleanup? Also, how much time will you allow to style your hair? Textures, growth patterns and density will play a factor in the daily styling of your bangs.  This will include the right tools like styling aids, brushes and hair spray.

How do you figure all this out? A professional stylist will be able to assist you.  They will look at all the variables and help choose the right style for you.  An in-depth consultation will be the first order of business.

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