How Do I Achieve Beachy Curls?

I am just loving the beachy curls around town! It is so refreshing to see beautiful sexy curls instead of flat straight hair. Do you agree?  However, can you achieve these curls at home?

These are all great questions that are asked everyday in the salon. Guests will come in with pictures and wonder they can achieve these types of looks. Questions like which tools do I use or do I need a perm etc. So, I am come up with the 3 best ways to achieve beachy curls or waves.

3 best ways to achieve beach like curls and waves:

  1. Clip-less Wands— Heated tools gives us flexibility and options in achieving this soft organic type of curl. Clip-less wands work wonderful however may be a bit tricky for some people to use. I would recommend using a heat protectant glove for your safety. There are many types and sizes to pick from on the market today. So, for beach like curls I would recommend the straight barrel that is roughly about 1.5 inches in diameter.
  2. Curling Irons- Curling irons have been around for decades. However, they are not your momma’s curling iron. Meaning chances are you will not find this lingering in someone’s bathroom that used this curling iron in the past. I recommend a 1.5 inch to even a 2 inch barrel depending on the length of your hair. Hair shoulder length and above would benefit from using the 1.5 inch and longer hair could use either one. This choice would depend on the tightness of curl you desire.
  3. Perms- Perms is such a dirty word. Why do I say this?  Well, to often our minds drift back in time to the tight curly, spiral perm era. However, this again is not the typical perm.  One important requirement is your hair has to be the optimum type to receive a perm.  It becomes a easy way to achieve this type of curl.

Factors to consider achieving beachy curls from a perm:
Size of Rods
Type of Rods
Hair Condition/Type
Technique of Wrapping
Stylist Knowledge
Therefore, with all the above in mind this can be a great way to embrace beach curls. Time spent will be less then using heated tools.

So, which is best for you? I strongly suggest consulting with your professional stylist for advice. Also, stylists are a great resource in teaching you the proper ways to use the heated tools mentioned above. Furthermore, it is always highly recommended to use thermal protection when using heated tools.

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